An “On Point” Weekend

As a newb to the east coast and seeing that I’ve only lived here for a few months, my friend and I experienced a wide range of the east coast lifestyle. Our adventures took us to New York City, Long Branch NJ, the coast of Delaware, Ocean City MD, Annapolis MD, Princeton NJ, and of course New Brunswick NJ. The thought process behind deciding where to go and what to do was pretty much non existent, but what’s the fun in planning everything out?

Here are a few notes that encompass our travels:

  1. The ocean is very large and intimidating
  2. People watching is the key to any good vacation
  3. People watching (cont.) may make you question humanity
  4. Food and coffee fill life with happiness
  5. Laughter is always the remedy for when the shit hits the fan

New York City

IMG_4267 (2)IMG_4270 (2)IMG_4288 (2) IMG_4276 (2)IMG_4297 (2) IMG_4326 (2) IMG_4321 (2) IMG_4334 (2)IMG_4286 (2)

Long Branch, NJ
IMG_4350 (2)IMG_4414 (2)IMG_4358 (2)IMG_4421 (2) IMG_4397

Ocean City, MD
 IMG_4461 (2) IMG_4446 (2) IMG_4436 (2)    IMG_4474 (2)IMG_4494 (2)

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