Boston – HOCR

Last weekend Marla and I (Marla is my dog I recently adopted!) ventured to Boston, Massachusetts. It was our first weekend outing as a tiny family of two. We traveled all the way to Boston from New Jersey to attend Head of the Charles and to see some college/crew friends who were also attending the regatta. On Saturday, my friend Dunn and I explored the margaritas at a restaurant near our hotel. They were quite delicious, if you were wondering. That night I was able to meet up with some ladies that I rowed with back at Wisconsin, and a very enjoyable night ensued.

Sunday was filled with the Head of the Charles regatta. It was wonderful being back around rowers and seeing the team I once rowed for. We walked around the course for a few hours and we were able to watch Wisconsin race. It is very difficult to compare rowing to anything else. All I can say is that it was simply marvelous being back around such an amazing group of people and such a superb sport in general. Unfortunately I was not able to take too many pictures, but I hope these do the weekend some justice.

IMG_4824 (2) IMG_4825 (2) IMG_4827 (2) IMG_4831 (2) IMG_4834 (2) IMG_4840 (2) IMG_4843 (2)

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