Thanksgiving in the Midwest


For Thanksgiving I took my first trip back to my hometown. After almost 6 months of living in New Jersey I flew back to Wisconsin to see my family. My trip was about 48 hours in my hometown in Wisconsin and a little less than 48 hours in Minnesota visiting relatives. The whole trip was based around family and food. It doesn’t seem like that much time, but every minute was well spent and I wouldn’t have changed a thing.

A few photos are of my hometown and of my exploration partner Kristen. She is one of my very good friends from back home. We took downtown by storm and discovered there really wasn’t much going on, but we persevered and had an excellent time. After enjoying a solid 2 days in my hometown, enjoying my favorite restaurants, people, and activities, my parents and I made our way to Minnesota.

Minnesota was spent with the other side of my family. A main activity when we get together is doing puzzles. Not to worry though, we are more exciting than puzzling. We went to the University of Wisconsin vs University of Minnesota football game. This is a tradition we’ve been doing for about 5 years. It is always a good time, I only wish I had some photos to describe how excellent it was. All in all the extended weekend was simply wonderful.

IMG_4972 (2)IMG_4913IMG_4914IMG_4937 (2)IMG_5005 (2)IMG_4955 (2)IMG_4981 (2)IMG_5039 (2)IMG_5027 (2)

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