Wisconsin Holiday

For the 2015 holiday I was able to travel back home to Wisconsin to see my family. It was hands down a superb time! I not only got to see my family but also a few old friends. As I am living in New Jersey now the weather is quite warm and there is no snow, so being back in Wisconsin it was a slight change. Over the time I was there we got almost 10 inches of snow! It was a magical Christmas and New Years with fresh snow.

I spent almost one and a half weeks in my home town and every moment of it was perfect. I am writing this a week after I got back and tonight is the first night I have had an alcoholic beverage, if that tells you something about my vacation home. We had amazing food, tasty drinks, and the best family and friends anyone can ask for. I did not take enough pictures, but what I did take encapsulates a chilly, relaxing, and memorable vacation. I cannot wait to see everyone again whether it be back in Wisconsin or wherever our lives take us.

IMG_5132 (2)IMG_5087IMG_5174 (2)IMG_5180 (2)IMG_5216 (2)IMG_5222 (2)IMG_5226 (2)IMG_5229 (2)IMG_5231 (2)IMG_5233 (2)

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