After 8 months of being in New Jersey I finally took the opportunity to check out a local winery with a good friend. As we both worked off shifts, we were off during the middle of the week and that week just so happened to be in high 70’s/80’s  during the beginning of March. So we took advantage of this situation. Our day consisted of sushi, Hopewell Winery, and ice cream in Princeton.

Hopewell Valley Vineyards is in Pennington, NJ and we had such a lovely time. We were able to do a wine tasting and each glass was thoroughly enjoyed.  It was so peaceful sitting outside and savoring a glass of wine. It felt like a part of New Jersey I had yet to experience. We sat outside enjoying the beautiful weather and each other’s company.

After enjoying a perfect Wednesday, we continued our voyage to Princeton. Here we enjoyed some of the tastiest ice cream at the Bent Spoon. This day was simply simple. Simple in the terms of relaxing and not having to have a care in the world.

IMG_5300 (2)IMG_5315 (2)IMG_5316 (2)IMG_5327 (2)

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