Sunset Hike – Prepare to be Scared

Alright so this isn’t a scary post but part of this hike was a bit creepy due to hiking after the sun had set. My friend and I hiked Crowders Mountain State Park a few Sundays ago. It was a clear sky evening and good temperature so it only made sense to seize the opportunity.

We definitely over estimated the time it would take us to hike to the top. We realized this when we had about 40 minutes to spare before the sun set. Though, the wait was not minded one bit. The view, facing South Carolina, was absolutely gorgeous. There were only a few people atop the mountain while we waited so it was a peaceful and calm evening. When the time came for the sun to set the sky was stunning. You just cannot beat a sunset.

Now the pictures below are of how wonderful the sunset was, but the evening took a turn on the hike back down. Again, the weather was perfect and the company was wonderful, but I must say that a sun sets pretty fast! Our hike back down was a speedy one. By the time we made it back to the car, there was not a trace of sunlight in the sky.

The best part of the hike back down were the wonderful topics of conversation. These topics included the show Stranger Things, creepy movies, and the clowns that have been recently trying to lure children into forests in South Carolina (look it up). To top it off, a few birds started chirping a beautifully creepy tune when it was very dark out. Alas, we made it back down and had a thrilling time doing so!


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  1. Heidi says:

    Beautiful pictures!

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