Friends in All Places

I have returned with a unique adventure, a few photos for show, and amazing friends to talk about.

So let’s start on May 25th, 2017. As I get off my 12 hour shift at work I continue cleaning my apartment and preparing the usual necessities for guests. While I do this I am continuously chatting with two friends who are flying in. As the night goes on we all realize that they won’t be landing in Charlotte, NC until past midnight, which is about an hour drive from my apartment. Now, this wouldn’t be an issue besides the fact that I have to wake up at 4 am to get ready for work. So let’s get back to the point of this paragraph which is simply the title, friends in all places. Two friends from two different stories of my life with no connection to each other flew in to spend the weekend with myself, each other (by default) and explore new cities. I must say, that’s pretty sweet.

I met Ryan as a freshman in college at Wisconsin, Megan through work only a year or 2 earlier, and they met each other on May 25th, 2017. The two of them became friends eral quick and so the adventure began. All in all the weekend was not exactly what we planned, but when do plans ever work out just right?

Friday night started with a trip to one of the most common places to eat in Spartanburg, SC, Willy Taco. We thoroughly enjoyed tacos, chips and salsa, margaritas, and good conversation. We definitely had a lot to catch up on. The evening proceeded with more conversation, a few games of euchre, a taste test of home brewed beer, and good music on the balcony. So not a bad way to start a long weekend.

Saturday and Sunday the 4 of us ventured to Asheville, NC to explore the many breweries and the sites of Asheville. By four of us I mean Megan, Ryan, myself, and Marla, my adorable dog. So, the four of us ended up at numerous breweries including Hi-Wire, Wicked Weed, Bhramari Brewing Co., Burial Beer Co., Green Man, New Belgium, Sierra Nevada, and Funkatorium, to name a few. I think we may have a love for good beer. Besides beer the weekend included miniature corn hole, jalapeno strawberry margaritas, quirky hotel bartenders, delicious food, and last but not least the four blueberries. A huge shoutout to Ryan and Megan for making the trek to South Carolina for this delightful visit and I cannot wait to visit you in both Wisconsin and Panama!



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  1. Megan says:

    Love this post! So neat to make new friends through great friends!

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