Cruisin’ with #yeahthatteam

To clear any questions #yeahthatteam, by my biased opinion, is the best kickball team in Greenville, South Carolina!

About 7 of my good friend from SC and I traveled from Greenville to Charleston where we jumped on a cruise ship and headed out into international waters. Only 3 of our group had been on a cruise before so this was going to be an adventure. We splurged and paid for the alcohol package so when we got on the boat the first thing we did was head to the first bar. A piece of our cruise was margaritas, daiquiris, michelada’s, and bloody mary’s. It was quite enjoyable!

Now, I get sea sick. Medicine was extremely helpful on this cruise. We would walk down hallways, around the cafeteria, or on the deck and we would move 3 steps to the left then 3 steps to the right. I don’t think you normally can feel the boat that much, but a few of us felt it here and there. Overall we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves!

So on a cruise you need to spend the right amount of time in the right places. The right places being the burger stand or the taco stand! 🙂 They were both so good and I did not know that the food was all you can eat on a cruise! For most dinners, we enjoyed sitting down for a fancy dinner and having the same waiter. He was the best! They were all wonderful.

Moving away from food, there were so many activities planned on this cruise. We tried Bingo, it was fun, but we lost. Bummer. A few rounds of trivia were played and a few were trophies were won.  A Dr. Seuss parade was going on and we avoided it like no one’s business. Let’s see, what else? Oh yes, the casino and piano bar were big hits. Many songs were sung with Sam the piano man, while a few games of roulette were played. Who am I kidding, quite a few games of roulette were played.

This cruise took us to 2 locations in the Bahama’s. We stopped in Nassau and Freeport. Both were so awesome to experience. The weather wasn’t the best. A little overcast, but a little weather doesn’t stop a great group from having a good time. The trip was pretty awesome. I couldn’t have spent my first cruise with a better group. 🙂


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