New Jersey

On a lovely Saturday my roommate and I went on an exploration of New Jersey. We toured Kane brewery in Ocean, NJ and tasted almost every beer they had on tap. We then proceeded to Princeton, NJ for a spectacular dinner.     The brewery was very small and they only hand bottle their beer a few times a month, but no matter the size of…

Fourth of July

I was able to have a superb fourth of July weekend on the east coast. I had a wonderful visitor and we were able to see 5 states within this long weekend. My photos are from New York City, Georgetown, and Virginia and the adorable dog is Buddy!

Rib Mountain

I have recently moved out of the state that I grew up in, so I thought I would share a few photos that I took a few months back. These were taken from Rib Mountain located in Wausau, Wisconsin. Rib Mountain is a state park in Wisconsin and is located near my hometown. From my house I could…

The Diva: Meow Meow

She is also known as Max, Sir Pounce A Lot, Butternut, and Butterball. Being around my cat, I was bound to take way too many photos. Some would say I am cat obsessed, but I would say she’s just extremely photogenic. Enjoy.

Full Moon

What a perfect night . I am posting a few of my attempts to capture the full moon. These photos were taken June 3rd, around 1 am. My photography skills are at a beginners level, but I hope someday the images I capture of a full moon will be spectacular. A few things I’ve learned tonight would include: I definitely need to invest…

Birding: my indisputable knack

Birds, birds, and a bumble bee. Great blue heron: Osprey: Red-winged blackbird: Baltimore oriole: Female gold finch: Male gold finch: Blue jay: Black-capped chickadee: BUMBLE BEE:

Madison Life

I was able to make it to Madison for a 24 hour visit and here are some pics of some cool people and fun places. I am trying to soak up Wisconsin before I make my move to the east coast.

Cutest kids alive

These photos are from this past weekend when I was able to visit Duluth to see some of my family and I got to see these two adorable and entertaining kiddos. Let’s see, I was told, “Woah,you’re almost thirty!” and “You’re a fat pancake” by a four-year-old.  Then on the other hand I was told to “Never leave!”…


I took these photos while in Duluth visiting family. I was able to use my cousins lens on my camera to get some pretty intricate shots.


“If you are a dreamer come in If you are a dreamer a wisher a liar A hoper a pray-er a magic-bean-buyer If you’re a pretender come sit by my fire For we have some flax golden tales to spin Come in! Come in!” -Shel Silverstein